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Comprised of talented individuals with the
passion for their work and a drive to succeed

Cutting-edge technology

OpenBet, part of Scientific Games, are leaders in the global gaming market, providing innovative software that powers the world’s most successful operators.

We pride ourselves on product innovation and technical excellence and are constantly adding new applications and new functionality to our product suite, used by billions of end users.

A people-focused employer

We are one of the industry’s leading suppliers with a workforce of more than 1,000 people consisting of over 40 different nationalities globally.

Although technology and products form a key part of our operations, people are at the heart of our business and what makes us perform to the highest of our capabilities.

As part of a dynamic team, you will enjoy a competitive salary, benefit package, and help to build a culture of like-minded people.

Dedicated to your development

With offices based all over the world, it is fundamental that our teams pull work towards a common goal and are consistent across all locations. To achieve this, Scientific Games places a huge amount of effort to ensure our office environment is comfortable to work in and enables us to get the best out of our talented individuals.

Fundamental to our investment in people is our Learning & Development charter, which sets out to maintain and increase Scientific Games’ competitive advantage, by developing, nurturing and empowering our talent across the globe.